Version 2022.109

What's new

  • Text editor improvements: The text editor has been improved to automatically wrap text - avoiding paragraphs expanding outside your screen when editing. In addition, it now accounts for paragraph spacing.
  • Process labels in Gantt charts will also automatically wrap if the text is too long to fit inside and adjust the height of the process accordingly.
  • Added the highly requested "Value (%)", "% (Value)", and "Multiple" calculations to Value Jump and Level Difference highlights.
  • Connectors in the Waterfall chart can now be deleted individually.
  • Chevrons can point wherever you want! At least if what you want is up, down, left - or right.
  • Added a bit of smartness when inserting Waterfall charts to ensure better default reading of the data.
  • Added the flag of Greenland and updated aliases in "Flag mapped" for several African countries like the Congos, Ivory Coast, and Eswatini.
  • Series labels have arrived in Stacked Column 100% charts.
  • We've improved the manual update experience a bit, ensuring the update links are always to the latest version (rather than the "next" version), increasing the visibility that you are on an old version, and improving the instructions on how to solve it.

Bug fixes

  • Using dashed lines? Then you were probably bothered when they turned up solid when exporting to native shapes. They won't do that anymore.
  • Ensured the availability of gridlines on all axes, including horizontal ones. Also fixed an issue when the toggled state of the gridline button did not match the actual state.
  • Value jumps in Line charts could occasionally make the chart unresponsive. We've also improved the interaction in certain edge cases with several data points very close or on top of each other.
  • Fixed an issue with inserting a chapter before the first chapter - which did not always work.
  • Dragging a chart series above the waterline indicator in Waterfall charts was broken. It is broken no more.
  • Connecting charts to Excel with smaller ranges that 2x2 will no longer break the object.
  • Entering negative numbers as the column or row size could make the object non-responsive. We don't know what a negatively sized column would look like, but at least it doesn't break the object anymore.