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Latest version: 2024.1
Released: 73 days ago

Version 2024.1

What's new

  • Subchapters in Agenda. Finally, you can create subchapters in Agenda objects. To get started, simply select a chapter and use the indention buttons in the toolbar.
  • Multi-level lists support. Creating bullet lists and sub-bullets in Visual Grids without using rules is now possible. Just select the text you want to make a list and find the new button in the text toolbar. To increase indention, use the TAB key - and to decrease it, use SHIFT + TAB. You know, like you'd expect.
  • Bar shapes in Gantt. We've added support for thinner Bar shapes in Gantt by popular demand. Use these instead of Processes to create a different look or in addition to Processes to distinguish between different categories of items.
  • Date labels in Gantt. Labels in Processes, Bars, Milestones, and Brackets now support displaying automatic dates in their labels. However, you can only display the dates or write your own text, not combine the two. To replace dates with text, simply place your caret and start typing. To get automatic dates back, remove all content from the label. You can also choose from various date formats in the label toolbar.
  • Column and row visibility from Excel. When inserting new objects, Excel's dimensions visibility is now automatically mirrored in the inserted Grunt objects. In the Grunt object dimension context menu, you can still find the options to hide or unhide a row or column if you want to change the visibility.
  • Generate PowerPoint sections from Agenda chapters. To create sections matching your Agenda structure, look for the new "Create sections from chapters" option in the Agenda context menu.
  • Added support for sorting in Clustered charts.
  • Improved performance, especially for large Visual Grids.
  • You can now adjust font sizes with hotkeys using the CTRL + SHIFT + "," and CTRL + SHIFT + "." like in PowerPoint.
  • We've added two new calculation options in Waterfall: Percentage of Previous and Percentage of Next Baseline.
  • We've added proper language support for "Week" in Gantt charts. "Week" will now be displayed in the selected language for supported languages. We also added a couple of new label display options for the week label and capitalized the month labels in all languages.
  • Label handles are easier to grab, especially for multi-level labels.

Revision 3


  • Resolved rendering issues with Harvey balls.
  • Fixed an issue where ribbon buttons would be non-responsive on Nordic versions of OSX.
  • Fixed issue where the user interface would hang during data update on OSX.
  • Fixed issue where CAGR would not show up when adding it to a chart with a date axis.
  • Improved pasting of bullet points.
  • Fixed an issue where exporting presentations with multiple Master Slides would fail if the first Master Slide did not have a Layout.
  • Hotfix for the Undo/Redo functionality in collaborative environments to prevent overwriting changes made by other users.
  • Fixed a bug where some installed fonts would cause issues and report "Issue detected" on objects.

Revision 2


  • Added support for paragraph spacing in exports, ensuring text is properly spaced as expected.
  • Fixed minor bugs with text editing.
  • Added missing settings to the Image Conditional rule.
  • We also made small stability and performance fixes.

Revision 1


  • We've made it easier to place your cursor in text areas by expanding the clickable area on empty or shorter lines.
  • Now you can move multiple list items simultaneously using Alt + Shift + Arrow Keys, making organizing your lists more efficient.
  • Fixed tab navigation issue in Visual Grid where pressing Tab or Shift + Tab would not navigate to the next or previous cell when bullet points were present in the cell.
  • Resolved issue with license loading on Mac, which would prompt you to login again.
  • Fixed issue where Sharepoint folders would not be recognized on Mac.
  • When copying text from bulleted lines, a text-only option is now included, enhancing compatibility with various applications.
  • Fixed a minor issue with character insertion when rearranging paragraphs using keyboard shortcuts, ensuring a smoother editing experience.


  • Fixed issue where drawing tools within PowerPoint would not work.
  • Fixed rendering issues with whitespace. Especially when exporting to PDF.
  • Fixed an issue where right-clicking with smart selection enabled on native shapes would not bring up the context menu, restoring expected PowerPoint functionality.
  • Fixed an issue where the caret would get stuck on the first index when navigating left in a text editor with mixed bulleted and regular text. This ensures smoother text editing experience.
  • Improved general stability. We've fixed several issues that should improve stability in various circumstances.
  • Startup error message. Some users were getting an error message when starting Grunt and PowerPoint. This version fixes the underlying issue causing this message.
  • Improved Sharepoint robustness. We've fixed an issue with data connections where users sync SharePoint sites and folders on different levels.
  • Opening Read-only presentations could cause instability. This is now fixed.
  • Improved robustness of the automatic updater; in particular, we've improved the feedback if the process fails.
  • Fixed several issues when working with alternative slide sizes, like 4:3 formats.
  • The Eyedropper tool is fixed to work outside the PowerPoint window again.
  • Fixed several issues with the "Convert Grunts" feature, producing more accurate results.
  • When exporting a file with the same name as an existing one, the user is warned before saving.
  • In the Chart Series Editor, moving or changing the chart type for a series would unhide any hidden series. This is fixed, and we've also made sure that the view adds a scrollbar for large numbers of series.
  • Fixed a bug in charts with continuous axes when adjusting the axis.
  • Fixed a bug with Pie/Donut where charts with only 1 data point were not perfectly uniform.
  • Single Waterfall connectors can again be deleted.
  • Fixed an issue where Chart highlights were challenging to work with if one anchor point was hidden.
  • Fixed an issue with selecting markers when on top of the axis line. The marker is now always on top in selection order.
  • Fixed an issue where the decimal adjuster did not work as expected for charts with specific number formats from Excel.
  • Fixed an issue with the "Size" label calculation in Bubble charts.
  • Fixed a bug where some text toolbars in Gantt did not correctly display the set font size.
  • The Gantt date axis should be much faster when dragging to adjust date intervals.
  • We've fixed some issues when Copy-Pasting values from PowerPoint tables to Grunt. This should now work as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where the render of a Visual Grid would crash if the size of an item was set to "0%". Grunt will now handle such cases more gracefully.
  • We also fixed a rare bug where setting the dimension size could make a Visual Grid freeze up.
  • Fixed an issue where two clicks were required to open another rule after deleting a rule.
  • Fixed the display of conditions in conditional rules, where it previously looked like there was a white space on either side.
  • Using CTRL with the "Same Size" tool to set an object the same size as the slide is working again.
  • The "Move to front" or "Move to back" actions have been fixed to work as expected.
  • When adding a conditional rule, the criteria were not always set in the automatically created condition. This is fixed. We've also improved the interaction in the input field for conditions.
  • Fixed an issue where Target names could lose their specific naming under certain circumstances.
  • We've made navigating and placing the cursor on empty lines much more straightforward.

Version 2023.267

Bug fixes

  • Improved stability.
  • Fixed additional issues with copy-pasting.
  • The button to toggle label visibility for individual data points in Line Charts was missing. We brought it back.

Version 2023.263

Bug fixes

  • Fixes a bug where several features like sorting and copy-pasting rules did not work as expected in the context menu.

Version 2023.261

Bug fixes

  • Fixed some annoying bugs for users working with 4:3 slide formats where object highlight effects and placeholder slots were not in the right place.
  • We've improved the error handling of failing automatic updates.

Version 2023.251

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a problem where Grunt could hang if undoing object insertion immediately after inserting.
  • Fixed a bug where Visual Grids could sometimes stop working if the dimension size were set to 0.
  • Fixed an issue where labels in brackets in Gantt could get a label line even as there was room to display the label without it.

Version 2023.243

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where some users could not start Grunt under specific circumstances.
  • Fixed some issues with opening protected presentations.
  • Fixed a problem with the chart series editor, which could be infinitely long if you had an infinite number of series. It now, sensibly, gives you a scrollbar instead.

Version 2023.236

What's new

  • The monthly labels in the date axis in Gantt are automatically trimmed if there is no room to display them in the chart.
  • We've removed a limitation in some Conditional rules on what value sizes could be set as arguments.
  • Added user feedback when trying to connect to a .csv file. This file type is not supported but can easily be converted to a supported .xls file.
  • We've ensured that the bracket labels in Gantt always line up pixel-perfect with Milestones labels, regardless of the font size.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where named ranges were only sometimes used as the connected address for Macro-enabled Excel workbooks.
  • The origin line could not be selected and changed for some charts with negative values.
  • The logo rule is more robust and handles changes in search terms better.
  • Fixed a bug in the data editor where the first right-click did not spawn a context menu as expected. It now appears every time.
  • Other minor stability and performance fixes.

Version 2023.230

What's new

  • We've slightly updated our Financial table templates to reflect updated best practices.
  • When adding conditional rules, we use Slide Master accent colors instead of "random" colors at insertion. You know, since random color is probably not what you wanted.
  • In Bubble/Scatter charts, label lines are now always drawn toward the circle's center - which looks nicer than our previous approach.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug preventing the drag-drop of images and other files to work as expected.
  • Fixed an issue with charts containing axis breaks, where the click area of the chart would be larger than the actual chart.
  • Arrow key navigation did not work for text starting with an empty line. In addition, the Home and End keys did not work as expected when editing text. Both issues are fixed.
  • In rules using conditions, the number input field would accept any number inputted but display it as rounded after committing. This is fixed to always display numbers as typed.
  • Fixed an issue causing Visual Grids with Fill conditional rules to crash if the grid contained no values and the min value was set to "Relative."
  • When selecting multiple markers in a line chart, the marker toolbar did not appear when clicked. This is fixed.
  • We've simplified available modes for marker colors in line charts in Visual Grid and set the default to link it to the series color. We've also fixed the preview color of marker colors in charts.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the axis reset buttons from being clickable in Visual Grids.