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Latest version: 2022.109
Released: 100 days ago

Version 2022.109

What's new

  • Text editor improvements: The text editor has been improved to automatically wrap text - avoiding paragraphs expanding outside your screen when editing. In addition, it now accounts for paragraph spacing.
  • Process labels in Gantt charts will also automatically wrap if the text is too long to fit inside and adjust the height of the process accordingly.
  • Added the highly requested "Value (%)", "% (Value)", and "Multiple" calculations to Value Jump and Level Difference highlights.
  • Connectors in the Waterfall chart can now be deleted individually.
  • Chevrons can point wherever you want! At least if what you want is up, down, left - or right.
  • Added a bit of smartness when inserting Waterfall charts to ensure better default reading of the data.
  • Added the flag of Greenland and updated aliases in "Flag mapped" for several African countries like the Congos, Ivory Coast, and Eswatini.
  • Series labels have arrived in Stacked Column 100% charts.
  • We've improved the manual update experience a bit, ensuring the update links are always to the latest version (rather than the "next" version), increasing the visibility that you are on an old version, and improving the instructions on how to solve it.

Bug fixes

  • Using dashed lines? Then you were probably bothered when they turned up solid when exporting to native shapes. They won't do that anymore.
  • Ensured the availability of gridlines on all axes, including horizontal ones. Also fixed an issue when the toggled state of the gridline button did not match the actual state.
  • Value jumps in Line charts could occasionally make the chart unresponsive. We've also improved the interaction in certain edge cases with several data points very close or on top of each other.
  • Fixed an issue with inserting a chapter before the first chapter - which did not always work.
  • Dragging a chart series above the waterline indicator in Waterfall charts was broken. It is broken no more.
  • Connecting charts to Excel with smaller ranges that 2x2 will no longer break the object.
  • Entering negative numbers as the column or row size could make the object non-responsive. We don't know what a negatively sized column would look like, but at least it doesn't break the object anymore.

Version 2022.97

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where unmapped SharePoint/OneDrive files would loose connection due to incorrect file addresses.

Version 2022.86

What's new

  • Sub-activities & swimlane separators in Gantt: A much-requested feature, you can now increase indent levels to create sub-activities. In addition, you can separate groups of rows into swimlanes with line separators. Click a row to bring up the Gantt row menu with the new options to get started. We've also refined the re-arrange-interaction and default behavior when inserting new Gantt elements for an even smoother experience👌.
  • Paragraph spacing & line-height: You can now customize paragraph spacing and line-height - which includes adjusting the spacing between items in a bulleted list. In Visual Grids, common options are available directly from the cell menu (left-click to bring it up). For greater control, look for the new section in the "Paragraph style" rule.
  • What was the difference between "styles" and "Templates" in Grunt? We had no good answers, so we've simplified inserting Visual Grids, converting the previously available styles to Templates and adding them to the Template gallery instead.
  • Help & Support resources in the Grunt ribbon have gotten their own little makeover as well.
  • Perhaps you were enjoying inserting large charts and seeing the data labels completely obscure the chart – or perhaps you weren't. In any case, default label visibility is now just a tad smarter.

Bug fixes

  • SharePoint files connected by one user did not always work as expected for other users if the relevant folder was not locally synced.
  • Typed numbers in Visual Grids would occasionally be treated as text instead of numbers, which would mean that graphics could not be displayed. Some might say that was annoying... and we agree!
  • For large chunks of text, the text edit box in Visual Grid would sometimes be tiny, making edits a chunky experience.
  • Font color was not set on character level in a text that contained line breaks.
  • Fixed some cases where the selected font color would not be displayed as selected in the Visual Grid cell menu.
  • Alignment controls in the Visual Grid cell menu did not display as overridden when using text alignment in the Paragraph style rule.
  • Similarly, borders and line rules did not display line style controls as overridden.
  • Fixed a rare bug making inserting new Agenda chapters impossible.
  • The axis reset buttons did not appear in some specific cases. We've specifically told it to always appear.
  • Axis titles could not be added in Line charts with two value axes.
  • Axis breaks did not work for bubble/scatter charts with a percentage axis.
  • Fixed an issue that could make two left-click menus be displayed simultaneously. You can't do two things at once, right?
  • Additional collaboration stability fixes.

Version 2022.71

Bug fixes

  • We've fixed a bug that prevented logos in the logo rule to be loaded as expected for some users. Now everything should be fine and dandy👌

Version 2022.61

What's new

  • Save individual slides as templates: We've added the option to save individual slides as templates. Just right-click on any slide, and look for the new item "Save as Grunt template" at the bottom. If you want to add all the slides in a presentation, you can still place files directly in the template source folder, and Grunt will automatically add everything to the library.
  • Template filters: You can now also filter on object types when searching for templates in the gallery. Look for the Filter menu just below the search box.
  • New templates: We've added a few new templates for project managers, like RACI matrices and Status reports.
  • More compact Gantts: We've adjusted the layout engine slightly, enabling more dense and compact Gantt charts.
  • Smarter row insertion in Gantt: Inserting rows is now using the styles of existing rows for a smoother experience.
  • Minor UX improvements in Gantt - like suppressing the row menu when re-arranging and cleaning up some hover effects.
  • Visual Grid now supports committing text and moving to the cell to the right with TAB - just like Excel.
  • We've also added support for CTRL+ENTER for committing to multiple cells simultaneously in Visual Grid - again like Excel.

Bug fixes

  • Improved collaboration stability: Working in the same presentation simultaneously with chart legends could occasionally cause it to disappear. This release fixes this and other smaller issues with collaboration for a more stable experience.
  • Fixed bracket labels in Gantt: A large boo-boo in the last version made labels in brackets impossible to type in. Non-typable labels are about as useful as a glass hammer, so we made them typable again.
  • Labels in Gantt processes could sometimes disappear if the text was longer than the process itself. We've fixed this by ensuring that the text wraps instead.
  • Highlights in charts were missing some of the options in the menu, like label calculations. They're all back in this version.
  • Series labels in charts that run across multiple lines now use the slot position properly to ensure the best text alignment.
  • Axis reset gizmos are back, once again enabling easy resets of Value and Date axes in Charts.
  • Re-arranging multiple rows at once is again possible in Gantt.

Version 2022.52

What's new

  • Text editing overhaul: We've completely overhauled text editing when editing directly in Visual Grid. The new editor takes rules into account for a more modern and intuitive experience. It also makes it much easier to edit text placed within shapes or next to graphics.
  • Smarter milestone insert: Just as previously added for Gantt processes, the insertion of milestones is smartened-up. It now considers all existing milestone shapes and colors and uses that to help you keep consistent when inserting new ones.
  • Random names and Chapter Titles in Agenda was fun, but separating placeholder text and user-inputted text proved challenging. Thus, we've changed the placeholder text to the boring, but hopefully all the more functional "Responsible" and "Chapter Title".
  • Automatic text color now considers the slide background color when deciding between black and white, making it work significantly better with darker slide designs.


  • We've fixed a bug preventing the ability to go directly from editing one text label to another in Agenda.
  • When adding rules to Agenda, the target suggestion will now consider what parts of the object are selected, as it should.
  • We've fixed and improved the ability to edit empty labels in Agenda.
  • Agenda objects can now be "nudged" with the arrow keys.
  • Setting font color from the main Gantt menu is working again.
  • Border rules in Gantt is also fixed and working as expected again.

Version 2022.50


This version is a minor hotfix version

  • When using multiple Waterfall charts side-by-side in a Visual Grid, you could run into a calculation error where the sum was incorrect. We have fixed this and Grunt now behaves like you expect.

Version 2022.40

Bug fixes

  • We've improved Excel connections, ensuring more robust closing of Excel when Grunt is done reading or if PowerPoint is shut down while reading.
  • The template gallery window sometimes went outside the screen edge if the resolution was too small or the scale too big. Now, the sizing is more adapted to account for these variations.
  • Expanding selections with Ctrl+A in Agenda now works.
  • The shared positioning of Agendas wasn't updated when snapping to placeholders. Now it does - which is better.

Version 2022.33

  • Agenda: Please welcome the newest object to the Grunt family - Agenda! Agenda objects ensure consistent content, formatting, and position across all Agendas in a presentation. Colorize the active and inactive chapters as you want and add a responsible label if you need. To rearrange chapters, just move the slides to where you want them, and Grunt will automatically ensure consistent ordering as well. Look for the new Agenda icon in the Grunt ribbon to get started.
  • Level Difference in Waterfall charts: As you would expect - it works pretty much the same as in other chart types. To get started, click the Waterfall chart to bring up the main object menu, and add it from the "Highlights" gallery.
  • New label calculations in Waterfalls: Previously, Grunt would calculate total labels for categories containing negative and positive values separately (creating a "split" sum). By default, Grunt will now summarize the "net" value instead. The "Split" option is still available in the Total label menu.
  • Label editor improvements: We've made a number of improvements and fixes on the label editor in Gantt, like allowing directly going from editing one label to another, and placing the caret where clicked rather than always selecting all text. We've also fixed some issues with the font color that would sometimes become white, even if set to automatic.
  • Value axes labels now inherit number format from the data by default. This means that when using data from Excel, your charts will be slightly more consistent out of the box. Of course, you can still choose the format you want from the value axis label menu.

Bug fixes

  • Sometimes label or object menus could get stuck, requiring a restart of PowerPoint to remove them. Clearly, this was annoying so we fixed it.
  • The level difference highlight would be thrown off-course in area charts with negative values - failing to connect with its from and to points. We threw it back on course.
  • In bar charts with lines, menus were missing an icon adding segment labels.