Release notes

Grunt 2021.160

June 16, 2021

What's new

  • Template folders and sharing: The Template gallery now has folders, making it easier to organize, find and share templates! To get started with sharing, create a folder on your company's shared directory and add it to the template gallery. Now anyone with folder access can use templates stored there, and add their own.
  • Customizable date & number format: You can now set the default date language and number format (e.g. decimal separator) for all Grunts. Just go to "Settings -> Date & number format" to select your format. We've also made it easy to switch between formats if you create slides in several languages. To change it, right-click the object, and select the one you want from the list of customizable "Quick access" formats.
  • Faster data reading: Building on our big overhaul of the Excel connection, this release speeds up data reading for charts substantially, especially for large data sets. We've also made improvements to the reading speeds for certain particular corner cases for Visual grids.
  • Improved axis breaks: We've greatly improved the axis breaks in charts. Now, axis break height can be manually adjusted by selecting the break and dragging the break height to where you want it. Axis breaks are also now supported anywhere on the value axis. To add one, just click on the axis where you want to add it, and find the axis break toggle in the floater.

Other new features

  • We've improved sticky notes, adapting the default text size to adjust according to the slide size to ensure the text is readable.
  • "Bring to Front" and "Send to back" is now more easily available through the objects context menu.
  • For charts with dates, you can now choose the date format (e.g. do you want to show "Aug", "August" or 08?) in the labels from a drop-down in the label floater.

Bug fixes

  • We fixed a bug where charts with Date axes would draw unsorted data in source order, rather than date order.
  • Exploding pieces of a Pie charts did not work if the Pie had borders - this is now fixed.
  • The hotkey for Tag editor CTRL + T is now working again.
  • We've fixed a bug where the Grunt object resize handles would be out of sync with object itself in certain cases.