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Great choices. Hard priorities.

We are bandwidth constrained. When we're prioritizing future work, we constantly need to postpone features that would be great for our customers. We are passionate about Grunt and strive for high quality in all we do. We need more great people to deliver on our ambition and make Grunt as good as it can be.

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We’re passionate about building something amazing together – join us on our mission to remove tedious Grunt work!

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Technical roles

We have a strong and agile tech team, with a desire to grow even stronger. If you're a desktop developer, web-developer or a designer, take a look at our job ad!

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Commercial roles

To succeed with our ambitions, we need to build a stellar team of Grunts. We have openings in Sales, Strategy, Marketing and Customer Success.

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Open application

We're generally looking for talented people. If you don't find a description matching your desire, just drop us an e-mail at and we can start a discussion.

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PowerPoint with superpowers!

Read more about our journey in the recent news article from Finansavisen.

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Recruitment process and compensation

(Stolen with pride and gratitude from our good friends at reMarkable)

Manager interview

Following a short introduction call, candidates will be invited to a 45-60 minute interview with the hiring manager of the position you are interested in. In this interview we introduce the team you would be working in and the challenges that needs to be solved. Your application and CV is then discussed, and the match between the role you want and your profile. The goal of the conversation is to understand if you would enjoy and contribute to Grunt’s journey.


Work sample

We usually invite candidates to get their hands dirty with us through a 2-3 hour work session, either together with the team or as an assignment to be presented. The goal is to gauge how you work and think, and to see if you click with the team you’d be working within a real-life work setting. Usually, we try to take on relevant challenges that Grunt is facing to make sure the problem solving is as close to reality as possible.


Social gathering

After the work sample we like to invite candidates to an informal social event to casually meet some of the other Grunt team members, so you can get a sense of the people and the culture. Don’t worry - you won’t be called out or asked to do anything specific, just hang out with us for a few hours and see if you enjoy yourself.


Interview with the CEO

If all goes well and we both agree we should move forward, you will have a sit-down with our CEO Mads Gedde to discuss you and the role you are applying for.


Reference Check

You’ll provide 2-3 references we’ll call to check all the boxes and move forward with confidence.


Offer call

We’ll contact you and inform you of our offer to you, and send the paperwork over email. Hopefully, you’ll agree your next step is with us.


Signing and onboarding

If everybody is happy, we’ll do a signing meeting and start the onboarding process. Usually, we like to get going with some hours of work every week while you are leaving your old position. If you have the time, you can join us for social gatherings and start to get to know us! Welcome onboard!



We believe in giving fair compensation to talented people. If you are working solely for a paycheck at the end of the month, Grunt is not the right fit for you. If you love to work with great people, we’ll come to an understanding.


Introduction and alignment interview

We follow a standardized recruitment process that makes sure that the people we hire will love their new jobs. That means skills, motivation and your personal journey is aligned with Grunt as an organization and where we are going.

Send us an application, CV and relevant references and attachments. Give us a chance to understand your profile, motivation and goals, and let us know what you are looking for. We’ll reach out if we see there’s an overlap in interest at this time.

This process usually takes 3-4 weeks.
We can’t wait to hear from you!
Any questions about the process? Please send us an email.

We want to start a discussion with you!

We will hire many of the people reading these words. It is important for us to succeed. If you believe in the power of our team, product and mission, we'd love to have a chat. We'd also be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Reach out to start a discussion