Release notes

Grunt 2020.124

October 1, 2020

What's new

Today's release covers several areas of Grunt:

  • Pie, Donut and Mekko charts: Today we're releasing four new chart types: Pie, Donut, Mekko stacked and Mekko stacked 100% charts!
  • New data editor: We're releasing a new data editor today! It's way faster and easier to use, and looks much nicer! Click the Pencil button above the rule stack or press F3 to try it!
  • Establish Excel connection for charts: In the previous release, we launched a new feature where Visual Grids you'd created inside PowerPoint could be connected to Excel - now you can do the same with charts!

Other new features

  • You can now copy and paste from a PowerPoint table directly into the Visual Grid and into the data editor.
  • Establishing Excel connections for Visual Grid and Charts will now create a Named Range by default. That way you can rename your worksheets without being concerned about breaking the connection to your Grunts.
  • We added an option to use square bullets in the Paragraph style rule
  • You can now click on the edge of a chart to pull up the main floater menu - this is particularly useful in the new Mekko charts, where there might not be much open space to click on.
  • Fill rules now work for CAGR and Value Jump auxiliaries
  • Several changes to the data connection UI, making it cleaner and nicer to use.

Bug fixes

  • We fixed a bug where you would sometimes be prompted to save your Excel file when we opened it in the background to during updating of you charts and Visual Grids
  • Lines are now more easily selectable in combined charts
  • We found some bugs that would in certain cases degrade performance, especially for large Visual Grids. We found a way to optimize it, improving performance by some 20%.
  • We solved a problem where very large images being used in the Image rule could crash PowerPoint in certain cases.