Getting started December 16, 2020

Chart basics

Tags: Grunt Basics PowerPoint Charts

You insert a chart from the Grunt menu. There are many types to choose from, but the basic interaction is the same.

When you insert the chart, the data editor appears. You can alter the data directly in this editor, and the chart will update immediately. Adding more rows will give you more series. Adding more columns will provide you with more categories.

By default, Grunt applies the same chart colors as PowerPoint - so if you insert a chart in your branded template, you should get the right colors out-of-the-box.

You can always change your chart's appearance by selecting items and styling them from the floater menu.

To access the main floater menu, you click on the chart background. This menu lets you quickly adjust settings for the entire chart. For instance, you can turn on or off labels, or you can change the font size. The main floater menu also allows you to change to another color scheme. This could be an excellent way to highlight important data.

If you click on the axis, you can adjust the axis style from the floater menu. Gizmos next to the axis will let you change the tick spacing, the maximum value, or the minimum value of the axis. This will set the axis into manual mode - and Grunt will no longer automatically adjust the axis to fit your data. If you want to get back to automatic mode, you right-click on the axis and choose "Reset to auto-scale."